VISION - To become a premier information technology provider for Indonesian businesses

MISSION - To develop software that manage company’s resources using the most optimum technology solutions

To deliver a broad range of reliable and consistent business software and services

Since 1995, we have partnered with hundreds of small and medium sized Indonesian enterprises, and they have benefited from our Distribution Management System (ND95 or Nex Distribution 95) which are especially well-recognized among fast-moving consumer product distributors. From the very beginning, our objective has been to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the provision of an enterprise resource planning application that can increase their efficiency through the application of affordable and best-of-breed information technology.

NexSoft’s history started with the success of Albert Lie (our founder) in developing a best-of-breed Distribution Management System which he named ND95. The key differentiating factor between ND95 and competitors is Albert’s commitment for giving the best services to ND95 users so they can pay more attention to their businesses, and not to the daily operational system that is automated with the implementation of ND95. To meet the customer’s needs, Albert also develops financial and accounting system, Mobile Sales Force Automation system and wholesaler management system.

Our core values were laid down by our founder and have been our guiding principles in serving you:

Customer Focus
All our activities are directed towards meeting your expectations and your needs, by ensuring that our products always perform as specified and by providing reliable post-implementation supports to you and your team.

Being a technology company, one of our missions is to solve your various operational activities and issues with the application of the most appropriate technology. Increasing competition over the past few years has led to increasing transactional complexity resulting in daily business activities becoming more complicated. The solutions we offer are capable of accommodating various exceptions without losing flexibility and accuracy.

We believe in treating all our partners and stakeholders fairly. We believe that maintaining long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders can only benefit you.

We always uphold the highest level of integrity. Our commitment is for you to be able to entrust us with your daily operational challenges and issues, and to work hard to solve them.

As your partner in business, we endeavor to continue to develop and improve our products and services. By providing a reliable operational business tool, we strive to provide you with ample resources to devote to business development and competition. We constantly invest a significant amount of our resources in research and development to ensure that our products continue to tap into the latest and most useful technological developments.

Adhering to our core values, we aspire to continue to focus on the development and support of products and services that support your daily business activities.

1995 : The first version of the Distribution Management System was developed by Albertus Lie – our founder. Targeted at consumer product distributors, the product was called Nexus Distribution.
1996 : Nexus Distribution was renamed to ND95
1997 : To handle the all important financial aspect of a distributor’s operations, two finance modules were introduced : Cash Bank and General Ledger.
2010 : The General Ledger module was expanded to include tax calculation and reporting and stock card.
2015 : One and half years in the making and 20 years after ND95, ND6 was born. Today, ND6 is the most complete distribution management system in Indonesia.


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